10 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

New Devolpment in breast cancer

“Your biopsy tests positive for breast cancer.” These is a sentence feared by all women. In 1971 President Nixon declared war on cancer. Since then billions of dollars have been spent on fighting cancer. It seems the only arsenal this war has come up with are the antiquated weapons of poison, slash and burn. There is still no cure. Very ... Read More »

Treatment of Cancers With Accurate Healing Techniques

Cancer Treatments

Cancer, the most dreadful disease, has severely affected the lives of the human populations around the globe. The world-class cancer care hospitals across the globe are trying to save the lives of cancer patients with several conventional and cutting edge healing techniques. In recent years, Florida has become famous place for treating various types of cancer diseases with many healing ... Read More »

Benefits of Fasting once a week

Benefits of Fasting

Ramadan has started it is very sacred and awesome month of blessing. we keep fast in this month but fasting in other month are also is beneficial for our body and health. The benefits of fasting once a week is here to maintain your living and best healthy life.   Benefits of Fasting once a week: Increased Energy Increase immunity ... Read More »

Health benefits of Mango

Health Benefits of Mango

Mango Is a very delicious fruit. I like it very much and it is my favorite fruit. Yesterday I was thinking about health benefits of mango and I collected many best health Benefits of mango. I got an idea to share these knowledge with you so am posting these benefits with you in my post. Health benefits of Mango:   ... Read More »

Disadvantages of Anal Sex

some Disadvantages of anal sex

I don’t understand why people are so crazy about anal sex while God create a place (vagina) for doing sex. Man is so greedy about sex I bet that if God created anus for sex than the man used vagina for ending his sexual hunger. Anal sex is pleasure of a specific time for man but a painful work for ... Read More »

Health Tips For Ramadan

Health Benefits of Date

Ramadan is a time of spiritual, mental and physical cleansing. During long and hot summer, it is required to observe fast for seventeen hours. Ramadan is coming in Summer this year so You need to better care your health for long period of fast. To ensure that you have a safe and healthy Ramadan, follow these health tips for Ramadan. ... Read More »

Sex after childbirth

Sex After Child Birth

When can we begin to have sex after childbirth again? In Islam You can do sex after childbirth but after 40 days of delivery because lochia bleeding leaks maximum 40 days after childbirth. It is now wise to do sex in first 40 days of childbirth. When start doing  sex after Childbirth again Medically? New mums feel reluctant or uninterested ... Read More »

How to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

Unwanted Facial Hair

Most of people are worried about unwanted facial hair and want to get rid of them. For those people here is solution of Removing unwanted facial hair. How to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair: Take a Primrose Capsule twice a day for one month.Apply 1% of hydro cortisone cream after waxing. Then, every night, apply a pea sized amount of Azazel ... Read More »

Permanent Hair Removal

permanent Hair Removel

If you’re tired of constantly tweezing, shaving or waxing in order to remove unwanted hair, you might consider permanent hair removal. Two of the best ways to accomplish this are through  use of laser or thorough electrolysis. Laser Hair Removal This process is a more common method of removing hair. In fact, it one of the most routinely undergone cosmetic ... Read More »

First Aid for Elbow Fracture

Our elbow is an integral component of our arm and it acts in the same manner as a door hinge, providing unusual movements such as lifting and support. It also provides rotational capabilities for the forearm as well as the hand, allowing the arm to be in a position where actions can be performed swiftly. Fractures to the elbow means ... Read More »

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