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6 Tips To Enjoy Healthy Ramadan

The Holly month of Ramadan has come. People are so excited and keep fasting even it is very hot nowdays. This Ramadan is hottest  ever. But Muslims have courage to keep fast in this hot month of July and have great patience to bear hunger & thrust for 16 hours. Here are 6 pieces of advice which Doctors give for this Ramadan.

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6 Tips To Enjoy Healthy Ramadan

Ramadan Health Tips 6 Tips To Enjoy Healthy Ramadan

  1. Usually Doctors advice to drink water maximum a day but in Ramadan we have to bear thrust for many hours so it is better to drink more water after IFTAAR which can fulfill lake of water in body. Try to eat those food which can’t be cause of thrust. Must Read: Fasting During Pregnancy

  2. During Fast you will eat meal just at evening so try to eat light food and avoid fast food. It is better to use multi vitamin tablet daily.
  3. Eat light food in dinner and must take breakfast in Dawn ( Sehri ). Some people eat heavy food in dinner and avoid breakfast which is bad for health and makes you weak. Eat eggs lentils and Yogurt in Breakfast.   Must Read: Health Benefits of Yogurt
  4. Don’t Eat plenty of food in IFTAAR . It become cause of acidity.
  5. Break your fast with dates It is SUNNAH and dates can easily digest So they increase sugar level instantly and give energy.  Must Read: Health Benefits Of Dates
  6. Many People have problem of Headache in Ramadan. The basic reason of headache in Ramadan is that brain can’t get correct quantity of galaxos and vitamin and 2nd reason is that people eat plenty of food in IFTAAR so mostly blood goes to digestive system and can’t reach to brain in proper quantity. To avoid this problem set your time to sleep and don’t over eat in IFTAAR. Avoid cigaret & Tea before Ramadan.

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  1. Very nice tips for fasts, thanks for sharing and your comment on my blog :)

  2. Awesome tips, babe!


  3. I don’t celebrate Ramadan. But if I had celebrate it I would have watch your advices ;-)

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