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Clean List : Safe non organic Foods

Have you recently heard some debates on TV or on the radio connected with all those disputes around organic and non organic foods. About all those chemicals and pesticides they are treated with !? The truth is that we can no longer be sure of the things sold in supermarkets, groceries or elsewhere. Nowadays we are so far away of producing the most healthy-oriented products and of course that we want all the food to be organic. Unfortunately for many reasons that is not practically possible.

Despite this it would be very useful to know which non organic foods are safer than others. Unless you decide to buy only organic ones which we doubt . Because even if you remain strict as far as pesticides are concerned you have to be informed that there are foods ..well not organic foods that do no cause harm to your health.

Non Organic Foods Clean List : Safe non organic Foods

1. Pineapples – eat without being disturbed – these fruit are defended from the pesticides thanks to their thick and massive skin. If you have ever tried to cut a piece of pineapple you know what we mean- the part that is said to be eaten is deeply protected so it would be more difficult for the pesticides to penetrate there. Adding the fact that it’s so delicious do not have second thoughts about it.

2. Cabbage- If you had grown up in the suburbs you will be well familiar with the fact that cabbage does not need much care or help to grow so using pesticides is almost useless in such cases. Of course this does not mean not to look after for your cabbage plantation , but we want to point out that it is safer  for the consumer to eat.


3.Onions – The widespread addition to all salads and meals. Onions are are as important for cooking as the oven in the kitchen is. According to studies a very small per cent of onions are treated with pesticides so they are significantly safe to use . They do not happen to be the favorite place for the bugs  so they do not need to be constantly exposed to chemicals.


4.Sweet potatoes – Potatoes fit in almost every menu you made for the day- whether right along with your steak or the most adorable fried potatoes. The point is that the sweet potatoes are one of the lowest  containers of pesticides and in the same time they are a great source of beta -carotene, which ensures the high level of vitamin A.

5.Eggplants – The thick skin of the eggplant is the main reason why they remain safe under  chemical treatment . Not being so easy to cut with a knife, this quality turns out to have positive effect here. So prepare your handbags and it’s time for shopping – tonight Eggplant Parmesan for the whole family !


6. Avocados  This exotic fruit famous with its dense an massive skin is also free of most of the pesticides so, avocado lovers, stay patient and enjoy without fear the delicate taste of this fruit.


You can now have a better sleep and know that at least 5 or 6 fruit or vegetables are not so affected by the pesticide industry which has had a glooming effect over the last few years. List is ready, don’t  be scared and dash through the shops.

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