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Essential nutritional tips for baby

A good nutrition is a key which ensures a healthy growth of the baby. Babies almost grow faster than moms expect. It’s quite natural that new moms are always more concerned about the diet of her baby. What to give and what not give becomes a gargantuan question in front of all moms. They search almost everywhere, make innumerable calls to other moms and enquire about the nutrition rich food. Babies can be picky as they grow and moms fret as this can hamper their baby’s development.

Let’s have a look at some nutritional tips for babies.


Iron is an essential component which plays an important role in the development of a baby’s brain. If your baby doesn’t consume adequate amount of iron, they could lead to lack of thought-
processing and motor deficiencies. It is a fact that when babies are born, they already have sufficient amount of iron content stored up to 4 to 6 months of age, unless and until the baby is pre matured. If the baby is premature, it is compulsory to give them supplement. Usually it is
during the last trimester of pregnancy, babies accumulate iron in their body. But in premature cases, the baby has been already delivered and hence supplement should be given since birth. Once your baby reaches 6 months of age, you should start giving them iron-fortified baby cereals. When you move onto more solid foods, you can start giving meat and fish.

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Another essential nutrient which is must for the baby. Calcium is important for the development and growth of bone mass. Breast milk contains more calcium than any other food product. Apart from breast milk, whole milk and formula milk also contains the adequate amount of calcium your baby needs. When it comes to solid food items, the baby can be provided with
yogurt, oatmeal and juices. A mother should know the fact that if you start your baby off with the proper amounts of calcium now, as your baby gets older the bones will develop strong and be dense. Breast feeding is the best source of calcium and if you are unable to breast feed, do not fret, almost all baby products come in filled with high amount of calcium in them. Calcium is necessary for building strong bones and preventing fractures when babies start their activities like sports, running, jumping etc.

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Zinc is essential for brain reasoning and development. This nutrient helps in cell growth and repairing and also proper immunity function. Lack of Zinc in babies results in growth impairments and weak immunity power. As a result of weak immunity power, babies tend to fall sick soon. Formula milk has high content in Zinc in them. When it comes to solid food items, fortified cereals, turkey, eggs, fish, whole milk, and cheese can be given.

nutritional tips for baby Essential nutritional tips for baby


Moving on to Vitamins, A, E, D and K are essential nutrients for the baby’s proper development. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium into the body and helps facilitate bone growth while E Vitamins provide antioxidant powers that help in the growth of cells and nervous system development. Vitamin A is essential for vision and healthy skin and K vitamins helps in blood clotting. Vitamin C helps improve in absorbing Iron and Vitamin B helps immune system and nervous system.  All these Vitamins can reach the baby through breast milk or formula milk. And taking solid food in consideration, these Vitamins are richly found in fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat products. These are some of the essential nutrient tips for the babies. Mothers should always take care of a baby’s diet and do regularly check with your pediatrician about the baby’s health and diet plans. Almost all nutrients are available in breast milk, but then when baby grows up adequate amount of solid food must also be given. Good nutrition is the key which ensures that growth and development goes equally and at no other time in the baby’s life, they will again experience such swift growth and development.

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