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How to Conceive a Baby Boy Naturally

Some intercourse positioning and Natural Diet plan helps you pregnant with a boy or twin specially.Girls are Blessing of ALLAH but  today, many women wants to pregnant with a boy but they don’t know how to get pregnant with a boy and what kind of diet they should use for this purpose. In some people opinion, the reproduction positioning is also take a part in baby gender make process but it’s not 100 % works. Here I tell you the some useful secret of baby boy pregnancy.

Methods of Getting Pregnant With a Baby Boy

There are two basic ways that are being used and recommended by infertility experts,

• By diet plan
• By reproduction intercourse positioning

Conceive Baby Boy 300x300 How to Conceive a Baby Boy Naturally


BY Diet Plan:

It is most recommended method that is used to get pregnant with a baby boy. In this method specific type of natural diet is used during fertilization period. Like in which those food is used that change the ph level in your body especially food that has more alkaline is best for to get boy baby. There is a reason behind it, male sperm can easily stay in high ph and alkaline and female sperm could not survive for a long period, but for this purpose you should take counseling with fertile doctor he will help you to make a plan for this alkaline coated food and supplements.

Research statics show that male sperms can easily damage and more sensitive than female sperms so it is not easy for male y chromosomes to reach the ovary through fallopian tube. That’s way to get a boy baby women used those food how has much quantity of alkaline.


By reproduction intercourse positioning:

It’s another technique to get pregnant with a baby boy, in this method some selective reproduction positions are used during intercourse because intercourse positioning is very important to get baby boy that’s way always use those positions for reproduction that are medically recommended. Here there are some tips for reproduction:

• Try to much close make organ in uterus that will help male sperms to reach in ovary perfectly.
• Use a pillow beneath the female during intercourse
• Never use standing position that is never help you
• Always choose laying position for reproduction
• Avoid missionary position
• Always go for reproduction when both male and female are ready for this and have a feeling
• For men use coffee, for female uses any cough syrup before intercourse.

So share your experience after having a baby boy, although these are not 100% approved method according to scientific research but many specialist advices that tricks for conceiving a baby boy.



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