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How to Protect Your Child From Malnutrition

bon How to Protect Your Child From Malnutrition

Malnutrition is a condition of the body whereby the body lacks certain nutrients. A child with malnutrition appears weak and can easily contact diseases. There are various ways in which one can protect his/her child from malnutrition. The following are some of the ways in which one can protect one’s child from malnutrition.

Provide Food to Your Child
One’s child can suffer malnutrition due lack of food. To avoid this one should make sure that he/she buys enough food for the child. For those ones who have land, they can grow various types of food crops. This would ensure that one does not lack enough fresh food for the child. The fresh food from the farm usually have a lot of nutrients hence the child gets enough of them.

Ensure that Your Child Eats
Plenty of food can be available to the child but the child may fail to consume it. This would cause malnutrition to the child. To avoid this, one should stay with the child during meals and ensure that the child eats. If one does this all the time, one’s child cannot get malnutrition.

Ensure the Child Gets a Balanced Diet
When preparing food for the child, one should ensure that the food is balanced during all meals. This way the body gets all the nutrients it requires, hence the child gets protected from malnutrition.

child malnutrition How to Protect Your Child From Malnutrition

Making Sure that the Child is in good Health
Sometimes when a child is not in good health he/she may lack appetite for food. If this continues for long the child might suffer malnutrition. This can be avoided by taking the child for medical checkups regularly in order to ensure health. One should also ensure that one’s child takes the medication as required by a doctor if treated for any illness.

Ensure the Child Just Eats Enough
Malnutrition can also occur when a child over eats. If a child is not watched during meals he/she might over eat. One can prevent this by staying with the child during meals in order to ensure that a child just eats the right amount of food.

Provide Time to Your Child to Play and Exercise
When a child plays and exercises, he/she uses the calories in the body. This ensures that the food gets digested and nutrients are absorbed well in the body. This way a child cannot suffer from malnutrition.
Always Keep Medical Funds Ready
A child may fall sick sometimes. When this happens a child should be taken to the hospital for treatment. If one has no money to pay the medical bills, this might not be possible. This may cause a child to get worse to a point of not being able to feed properly. This might lead to malnutrition. To avoid this one should always make sure that he/she has some money that can be used to settle the medical bills. Those who have European Medical Card should also make use of it. This would save one a lot of problems and a child’s health is insured.

Ensure Hygiene
When one is preparing food for the child, one should make sure that hygiene is observed. If this is not done, a child may fall sick making him/her to lose appetite. This would make a child to get malnutrition for not eating well.

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