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Sylvester Stallone’s Health and Fitness Secrets In His Words

sylvester stallone steriods Sylvester Stallones Health and Fitness Secrets In His Words

Sylvester Stallone is my most favorite actor and my ideal personality. He is 67 of age now but still he looks young, fit and muscular. This is the thing which attracts people toward him and he becomes heartthrobs of millions. Do you know what the secrets of his health and fitness are?  Here is Interview of Sylvester Stallone in which he told the secret of his fitness.

An Interview of  Sylvester Stallone:

Recently in an interview when ask about his health and fitness secret than he said that “My biggest flaw was over doing my fitness training exercises.  I was in the gym six days a week, doing more sit-up exercises at night. My body was in a constant state of breakdown.  Now I focus on a variety of fitness exercises, doing my fitness training exercise three times a week for 90 minutes per session.  I really feel good, much stronger than I’ve ever felt, actually”.

Sylvester Stallone performs this exercise for his shoulder back and arms.

He also said that “he cheats his diet plan on Friday to Sunday and eat everything”

Sylvester Stallone admits using Human Growth Harmon:

There is big rumor that Sylvester Stallone used steroids to built his muscles. This is a fake rumor by his competitors who jealous of him. Sylvester Stallone admitted that he has been using HGH and testosterone for looking young for Rocky and Rambo roles. Sylvester Stallone testosterone was prepared under his private label supplements. He said that who calls it steroids is misinformed and not have knowledge about it. “Everyone who is above 40 would investigate it increase the happiness of your life, Mark my words, in ten year it will be over the world”.

sylvester stallone Sylvester Stallones Health and Fitness Secrets In His Words

Sylvester Stallone Daily Routine and Diet Plan:

On the question of asking about daily routine and diet plan he said that “ I woke up early in the morning at 7:30 am and Drink a glass of liquid amino acids first. After  15 minutes I have my breakfast which easily digest like 2 eggs, 4 figs and toasted bread. I relax for 1 hour and after that go to gym. I do warming up for 10 minutes and start to work on my arms like lifting wights for 45 minutes. Next I work on my shoulder for half an hour and after that perform other exercises”

“I lunch around 12:30 and have typical lunch with salad chicken etc. I stay away from red meat but try to eat it once a week so my body will stay adjusted with it. In dinner I usually eat fish, salad, steamed spinach and toasted bread”.

This was the Great Interview of a Great Actor and hope you liked it. Feel free to comment and your views.

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