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Unusual Sex Advice that Works

Dating adults seeking to add some fun to their sex lives may want to know what they can do make things more interesting. Others may find it more of a challenge to make themselves or their partner more comfortable so they can experience better orgasms. Whatever the situation may be, there are a number of tips to consider that may give a new perspective on what you can do from here on out.

11sextip Unusual Sex Advice that Works

  • Think about the little things you liked about your partner when you first met.  Think about the feelings they brought to you and how they made you feel toward them sexually.
  • Parts of the body that are most intriguing to you may be a good place to start.  Think about ways to manipulate, relax or caress such areas that would be comfortable for both of you.
  • Make things fun while keeping things fresh and new.  Be unpredictable with your tactics to keep things fun and interesting.
  • Men may also like a woman who takes her time to explore, so it helps not to rush into things.
  • Women enjoy romantic aspects that can help set the tone such as candles or music that create a soft atmosphere.
  • Lingerie can be both a man and woman’s best friend.  Men love to see women wear something that accentuates their best body parts.
  • Most people like to have sex at night, but what about during the day? Some say they like to make time to fool around during the day. This can be something to consider for those who feel too tired or worn out at the end of the day.  Others may find it difficult to wind down after a long and busy day.
  • Once you get past the shyness of it, dirty talk can be something that gets sexual tension to rise.
  • Phone sex can help you lead up to the moment of actually connecting in person. Sexy text messages can be flirty or dirty depending on your mood.
  •  What your partner desires outside of the bedroom (whether it be sexual or not) can be used to your advantage.  This is where paying close attention to details could pay off big time.
  • Explore new sexual positions. It can be great to have favorite positions, but keep in mind different positions may bring new levels of pleasure.
  • Body language plays a huge role in making sure you please your partner.  While you may know when and how to please them when they signal it is okay or when they like something you do, know when to stop if something isn’t right.  Turning off your partner can do more harm than good.

Other Sex Tips to Make You Go Above and Beyond

Learn aspects about a man or woman’s body that can bring special sensation to the body.  For instance, women like their breasts fondled during or before sex, but men’s nipples shouldn’t be ignored either. It’s like trying to find their “spot” and how many ways you can turn them on.



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    Good tips to enjoy sex, except phone sex… In my experience, phone sex is not very encouraging.

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